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The Court of Appeals sentenced a senior officer who committed harsh acts, such as instructing his successor to 'hold his breath', to be fined. 

Today (29th), the 5th Criminal Division of the Changwon District Court (Chief Judge Kim Byung-ryong) sentenced Mr. A, who was charged with using force, harsh behavior, and assault, with a fine of 6 million won as in the lower court. 

Mr. A, who served in the Air Force from November 2019 to June of last year, was accused of using force against his successor, Sergeant B and Corporal C, for cruelty. 

Mr. A told Mr. B 100 times for 3 months from March to June 2020, when he said 'space', he did not hold his breath and said 'Earth'.

In September and October 2020, he pushed Mr. B's shoulder 5 times and pinched his stomach twice, saying 'playing around', and in December of the same year, he pinched Mr. C's arm for 4 minutes and assaulted him with a fist.

Even on December 19th, Mr. B and Mr. C, who were together in the dormitory, were assaulted by pressing their knees at the same time.  

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Mr. A, who was brought to court due to such cruelty, insisted that it was not cruelty, saying, "The act of holding my breath according to the instructions of 'space' and 'earth' is just a joke expression." Didn't accept.

The appellate court pointed out, "The defendant's act seems to go beyond a mischievous or mischievous act as someone completely controls breathing, which is a basic physical activity for sustaining life." 

"As an act that causes unbearable physical and mental pain to the victim, it is quite reasonable to view it as a harsh act as defined in Article 62, Paragraph 2 of the Military Criminal Act." In this regard, the responsibility is heavy and strict punishment is needed to establish discipline," he said, explaining the reason for the sentencing. 

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