At a community center in Seoul, an anonymous citizen donated items worth about 3 million won to help the neighbors, warming people's hearts.


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On the 18th, 500 kg of rice, 50 boxes of ramen, 50 boxes of tangerines, and Choco Pie were placed at the entrance of the community center in Shinwol 3-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul.

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Community center staff confirmed that a truck stopped in front of the community center at dawn on the same day through CCTV at a nearby shopping mall, and four people moved items and left.

The note found together said, "I lived in extreme poverty in Shinwol 3-dong as a child, but now I can help people in need, even if it is small."

Yangcheon-gu said that judging by the handwriting of the note, the donor is estimated to be the same person who donated 2 million won in cash to the Shinwol 3-dong community center in February this year.

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Netizens responded, "After a difficult childhood, you have now become a true rich man with a warm heart.", "Now it's the end of the year, and I feel motivated to do something good."

(Screen source: Yangcheon-gu Office)