When her daughter, who was only 15 months old, died, the crime of her mother, who had been moving the body from her parents' house to her in-laws' house for several years, was revealed in three years, but it is of interest whether the cause of the child's death can be clarified.

The body was found decomposed and the exact cause of death was not known.

As a result of the autopsy by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, it was confirmed that there was a hole in the skull.

This case was revealed to the world when Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, filed a missing person report for Miss C at Pocheon Police Station 112 on the 27th of last month.

This is because C, who would have already turned 4 years old if alive, had no so-called 'life reactions', such as receiving infant health checkups or attending daycare centers.

In addition, the suspicious behavior of her biological mother, Mr. A, also raised suspicion.

When the city of Pocheon contacted them for a complete enumeration investigation, mother A and ex-husband B postponed their reply, saying that although their addresses are in Pocheon, they actually live in Pyeongtaek and Seoul, respectively.

Upon receiving the missing person report, the police immediately set out to find the whereabouts of Miss C.

At first, Mr. A submitted a photo of an unrelated child as if it was Miss C, and lied as if Ms. C was alive and well, and then brought the child born to her partner to the police.

However, the police, who determined that the child was not under the age of two and was not Ms. C, saw this case as a violent case, not a simple disappearance case, and began a full-scale investigation.

Mr. A then claimed that he had "abandoned the child on the street," and the police began to determine whether Miss C was present in 304 child protection facilities operated by local governments nationwide, as well as the reported missing persons. Pocheon Police Station introduced a profiler and digital forensic Various investigative techniques such as analysis and lie detectors were mobilized, and as a result of interrogation by injecting personnel from the Violent Crime Investigation Unit and the Unsolved Case Investigation Team of the Gyeonggi Northern Police Agency, both confessed to the crime.

What remains now is to reveal the exact circumstances of the day of Miss C's death, which is estimated to be in early January 2020.

A's birth mother still insists that she is not directly responsible for Miss C's death, saying, "I saw her dead in the morning."

However, since there is a hole in the skull of sheep C, the key task is to find out how this hole came about.

Even after the child's death, they continued to receive child benefits, police said.

In addition to the prosecution of Mr. A for violating the Child Welfare Act and concealing a corpse, and Mr. B for concealing a corpse, the police added charges of violating the Act on the Use and Provision of Social Security Benefits and Discovery of Recipients.

This is because even after the death of C, Mr. A is accused of illegally receiving childcare allowances of 3.3 million Won and Mr. B of 3 million Won, respectively.