On the third day of the cargo union strike, damage began to appear in the cement and steel industries.

In Busan, an iron ball flew into a truck that was operating normally.

Although there is a big difference in position, we decided to meet 'the day after tomorrow (28th)' and talk.

Reporter Jang Hoon-kyung reports.

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is the largest reconstruction complex in Korea, Dunchon Jugong Apartment in Seoul.

The framework work to create the skeleton of the building has been suspended since yesterday.

This is because the production of ready-mixed concrete was blocked due to disruptions in cement transportation due to the cargo union strike.

The industry expects that ready-mixed concrete production will stop nationwide from the beginning of next week.

[Dunchon Jugong Construction Project Group official: (The strike) if it is prolonged, it actually affects the construction period (construction period).

Sites all over the country are in an uproar.]

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This morning, at Busan New Port, two trucks in normal operation were hit with iron balls and broke the windows.

The police believe that the strikers threw it and are investigating by securing CCTV.

As the atmosphere at the site intensifies little by little, the government and the cargo union decided to meet the day after tomorrow and talk for the first time since the strike.

However, the difference in position is still large.

The government is in a position to extend the safe fare system for three years to see if it is effective, but the cargo unions protest that they are talking about something else after the strike in June.

Even with the expansion of items, the government opposes the application, saying that wages are already high in industries such as automobiles and steel, and labor unions oppose that they are also at the minimum wage level in terms of long working hours.

The government is also considering ordering truck drivers to start working if the dialogue slows down and logistics disruptions grow.

(Video coverage: Kang Dong-cheol · Park Dong-myeong KNN, video editing: Lee So-young)