An automatic defibrillator that enhances the effectiveness of CPR is an absolutely necessary device in an emergency.

However, since they are usually located in government offices or subways, it is difficult to find them when you suddenly need them, and the reality is that there are not many of them.

As a solution, a business to install this equipment at a convenience store near us began.

Reporter Lee Hye-mi will tell you how to use it.

<Reporter> It

is in front of Seoul Station, which is crowded with people during holidays or holidays.

I looked around this Seoul Station where an automatic defibrillator was installed to save lives in an emergency.

There are 17 automatic defibrillators in history.

Quite a few have been installed, but few people know where they are or how to use them.

[Traveler: (Do you know how to use it?) No, I don't know.]

A convenient place to take out and use when needed, so convenience stores emerged as an alternative.

Convenience store companies have started to install automatic defibrillators in the metropolitan area and Busan, where people live.

If it works, the plan is to gradually increase the number of convenience stores where the equipment can be placed.

[Cho Yong-nam/BGF Retail Planner: We plan to expand first to stores near parks, rest areas, and large concert halls where quick access to medical facilities is difficult.]

Anyone can use an automatic defibrillator, but you need to know the exact method.

First, after checking the patient's consciousness and breathing, proceed with CPR and prepare for the use of an automatic external defibrillator.

Attach two pads to designated areas,

[Lee Eun-gyeol/convenience store safety and health nurse: one above the right collarbone, one below the left chest.]

Follow the voice guidance and press the shock button.

[Lee Eun-gyeol/Convenience store safety and health nurse: Cardiac massage to ensure good blood flow to the brain until the ambulance arrives, but if you do well, the chance of survival is very high.

] You can check it through the app.

(Video editing: Yoon Tae-ho, VJ: Kim Sang-hyeok)