At the time of the Daejang-dong development project, Nam-wook's testimony came out that the reason he brought in Kim Man-bae, who was an incumbent reporter, was to lobby Lee Jae-myung, the Democratic Party's representative (then Seongnam Mayor).

Mr. Nam appeared as a witness in the trial of the Daejang-dong breach of trust held today (25th) at the hearing of the 22nd part of the criminal agreement of the Seoul Central District Court (Judge Lee Jun-cheol) and answered the question of Dong-gyu Yoo, former head of the planning headquarters of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation.

Referring to Nam's testimony at the previous trial, "It was to persuade Mayor Lee Jae-myung that Kim was involved in the Daejang-dong project," said Yoo's lawyer, who said, "Kim has a close relationship with Mayor Lee Jae-myeong and will lobby for private developers." Did you think you could?" he asked.

In response, Mr. Nam said, "I have not heard that Mr. Kim has a personal relationship with Mayor Lee Jae-myung, and I am close to other influential politicians who are close to Mayor Lee, so I asked Mr. Kim to play a role in persuading Mayor Lee through them. did,” he replied.

Mr. Nam also added, "At the time, reporter Bae (owner of Cheonhwa-dong No. 7) explained that Mr. Kim was a native of Suwon and had many acquaintances there and had been a reporter for a long time, so he had a lot of friends with related politicians."

When Yoo's lawyer asked, "Who did you hear about the politicians who have a close relationship with Kim and can influence Mayor Lee Jae-myeong?"

At the time, Mr. Nam and others tried hard to turn it into a purely private development when CEO Lee announced that he would promote Daejang-dong as a public development.

However, Mr. Nam added, "I did not confirm that Mr. Kim actually did such activities."

Yoo's lawyer again said, "It seems that Mr. Kim was in charge of Mayor Lee Jae-myeong, but how did you share the 'channel role' with Seongnam City Hall and Seongnam Urban Development Corporation employees, such as Jeong Jin-sang, Kim Yong, Hwang Moo-seong, Yu Han-gi, and Kim Moon-gi?" I asked.

Mr. Nam explained, "I heard from Rep. Choi that Yoon-gil Choi, a member of the Seongnam City Council of the Saenuri Party at the time, met and discussed not all of them, but Yoo Dong-gyu, Yong Kim, and Jin-sang Jeong."

When the lawyer asked about the time of Choi's lobbying, Nam replied, "Early 2012."

Nam also reaffirmed his testimony to the effect that he delivered 200 million won to Congressman Tae-nyeon Kim.

When asked by Yoo's lawyer the meaning of the passage in the 2013 transcript of Jung Young-hak's recording that Nam said, "We have to get what he gave us 160 million won," Nam said, "That amount was sent to Rep. Kim Tae-nyeon through an aide. I understand that he meant the 200 million won that was delivered,” he explained. “The reason I said 160 million won was because Kim said he had spent 40 million won separately.”

When the lawyer asked again, "Is it true that 160 million won went to Kim Tae-nyeon?" Nam replied, "I know that."

Mr. Nam continued, “Rep. Kim told the media that he was opposed to proceeding as a public-private joint project, so Mr. Jeong Young-hak said, ‘I gave you money, but why are you doing that?’ and I said, ‘Shouldn’t I ask for it back? explained.

Nam also testified that the establishment of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation was promoted under the leadership of CEO Lee.

He said, "Yes," and "It is true that the establishment of the construction was carried out at the will of Mayor Lee Jae-myung."

He added, "I and the residents of Daejang-dong helped establish the corporation only for the progress of the Daejang-dong project, but from the city's point of view, the corporation had to be established to carry out not only Daejang-dong, but also Wirye and other projects that Mayor Lee Jae-myung thought of." I did.

(Photo = joint coverage, Yonhap News)