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In India, CNN reported that hundreds of kilograms of marijuana confiscated by police from drug offenders were not presented to the court as evidence because 'rats gnawed'.

Police in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, northern India, recently told the court that they had lost 200 kg of marijuana, which had been secured as evidence and stored in a warehouse.

This was the answer when the Mathura court ordered the police to present 386 kg of confiscated marijuana as evidence during the trial of drug offenders.

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The police said, "The rats ate the marijuana stored in the warehouse," and "There is no place in the police station to keep marijuana safe from rats."

Local prosecutors said that a total of 700 kg of marijuana was damaged by the rats, including marijuana seized by the police during other investigations and stored in various places in Mathura.

The court ordered the police to present evidence that rats actually ate that much marijuana, and recommended measures to eradicate rats.

CNN reported that there is conflicting opinion as to whether rats were actually responsible for the disappearance of marijuana.

Mathura Police Chief Mathand Prakash Singh told CNN that the marijuana disappearance was not caused by rats, but by heavy rains and floods.

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