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Families left behind in Russia are dissatisfied as it is known that Russian reservists mobilized for the war in Ukraine are being driven into bullet cannons in very poor conditions.

The British Ministry of Defense reported on Twitter the situation of Russian soldiers who were called up during the reserve mobilization order issued by Russian President Vladimir Putin in September.

Britain's Ministry of Defense tweeted that Russian reservists were being sent into battle without proper training or equipment, and that some injured soldiers were unable to receive treatment due to lack of medical care.

In addition, the British Ministry of Defense reported that there were large numbers of casualties in reserve forces on some fronts, according to Newsweek, an American weekly news magazine.

In particular, it is reported that a large number of reservists who were digging trenches in the shelling of the Ukrainian army near Svatobe, Luhansk, were killed, and many casualties occurred in the process of fighting the Ukrainian army in the area of ​​Bakhmut, Donetsk.

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At the same time, the British Ministry of Defense said that the family members of the Russian reservists are likely to protest, even risking arrest by the authorities.

In particular, the 27th of this month is 'Mother's Day' in Russia.

Groups made up of Russian military families, such as the "Wives and Mothers Committee", are influential anti-war groups that have recently complained that President Putin is not properly providing information about mobilized reservists.

In response, the Kremlin Palace is also increasing contact with families of reservists.

President Putin met 17 war veterans' mothers outside Moscow on the 25th and broadcast this on TV, and is scheduled to meet the families of reservists on Mother's Day on the 27th.

However, the 'Wives and Mothers Committee' claimed that no family members were invited to the event, and raised suspicions of directing, saying, "The mothers invited to the previous event were also told to ask only the 'right' questions that were arranged in advance."

 (Photo = TASS News, Yonhap News)