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cargo union strongly protested the government's stance that the strike could be stopped by force.

Striking drivers say that refusal to comply with government work orders could result in cargo license cancellation or penalties, forcing them to resist harder.

Reporter Jae Hee-won pointed out the issue as to whether the order to start work could actually be issued.

<Reporter> When

the government took out the business start order card, the cargo union strongly protested, saying that it was bluffing, not mediating.

[Lee Bong-ju/Chief of Cargo Solidarity (the day before yesterday): All administrative agencies are stepping up and threatening hardline responses.

Even by issuing an anti-constitutional business start order that goes against the principles ratified by all OECD countries...


If a transportation worker refuses to comply with the order to start the business, the driver's license will be revoked and he/she will be punished by imprisonment for up to 3 years or a fine of up to 30 million won.

Cargo drivers claim that they have no choice but to resist as hard as they lose their means of livelihood.

[Park Gui-ran/Cargo Solidarity Strategic Organization Director: If you are deprived of the right to drive a vehicle, you will lose the means of livelihood owed (cargo workers).

(If the business start order comes down) I have no choice but to be tougher.]

The biggest issue with the business start order is the triggering requirement.

The law says that it is a case that causes or is likely to cause a very serious crisis in the national economy, but there may be mixed judgments on whether this strike can be called a national crisis.

[Kwon Young-guk/Attorney: It is true that (the strike) caused disruption to transportation.

But why is the national economy in crisis?

It's a completely different matter whether it's enough to drive the entire economy into crisis or 'whether it hinders some businesses.


At the time, the government said that the doctors' refusal to treat resulted in damage called violation of personal health rights, but it is pointed out that the danger and damage caused by this refusal of transportation is abstract.

In addition, in order to issue a business start order, the relationship between the transportation contract and the like must be proven, and whether it is possible to issue a collective order to truck drivers, most of whom work as individual businesses, is an issue.