6 notes that make a used car deal a failure

Careful observation of the vital parts of the car avoids customers from falling into costly breakdowns later.

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Car experts advise customers looking to buy a used car, especially whose warranty has expired for a long time, to be careful in examining the car before completing the purchase, and noting that none of the six reasons that make the purchase deal fail and useless appear, due to the presence of malfunctions, which require Big money to fix it.

The experts said, “The careful observation of six things during the car inspection process, especially with regard to the engine, the appearance of any oil leakage, and even the issuance of sounds during the driving test, avoids customers falling into potential surprises after completing the car purchase process, by discovering multiple faults that need to be corrected.” Spend more budgets to repair or even replace them.

"Emirates Today" monitors, according to websites specialized in the automotive world, most notably the British "DriveSave", the six notes that customers must follow before buying a used car, according to the following: