4 electric cars exceeded the range in 2022

In 2022, the car market witnessed the introduction of electric models with a range of more than 600 km.

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In 2022, car markets around the world witnessed a remarkable growth in the increase in sales of electric models, which reached its climax last August, with an increase of 60% compared to the same period in the previous year, thanks in part to the ability of manufacturers to provide their modern electric models with batteries with a viable range. , including four cars launched this year that won the top spot in terms of the ability of their batteries to give them a range of more than 500 kilometers, before the battery is recharged.

Modern models, especially those equipped with advanced technologies for their electric batteries, have played in gaining the confidence of customers around the world, and their abandonment of their caution in acquiring electric models, as a result of the long recharging periods coupled with a specific travel range that was previously limited to a maximum rate ranging between 400 and 480 kilometers, before it was introduced. This year is full of many models that have succeeded in crossing the barrier of 500 kilometers on a single charge of the battery.

"Emirates Today" monitors, according to websites specialized in the automotive world, most notably the British "Moto 1", the four models that were launched in 2022 and outperformed the competitors in terms of the longer range of travel provided by their electric batteries, according to the following:

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