'L', the main culprit of the so-called '2nd Nth Room Incident', who made and spread sexual exploitation of minors, was caught in Australia.

There are 9 minor victims in thousands of sexual exploitation cases that have been confirmed so far, and the police are pushing for L's extradition to Korea.

This is reporter Park Ye-rin's report.


A man is surrounded by police and dragged out of the building.

From the end of 2020 to August of this year, I am 'L', the prime suspect in the '2nd Nth room' case, where I made sexual exploits by threatening minors and spread them through Telegram.

Police worked with Australian police to catch Elle near Sydney.

L, a man in his mid-20s, immigrated to Australia as a teenager, but he is a Korean national because he did not obtain permanent residency.

At the time of arrest, a pile of sexual exploitation was found on one of the two mobile phones L had.

About 1200 verified videos and photos alone.

There are only 9 minor victims, but the number of victims may increase.

L changed his Telegram screen name and ran several chat rooms to escape the police investigation.

He is also known to have approached the victims by impersonating the 'tracker team flame' who dug up the 'N-room case'.

[Yoon Young-joon/Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Cyber ​​Investigation 2 Chief: (L) pretends to be another victim, actually threatens,

The police arrested 15 people who threatened the victim and 10 people who sold sexual exploitation or disclosed the victim's identity, and 6 of them were arrested.

The proceeds of their crime have not yet been confirmed.

The police plan to promote the extradition of El, who was detained by the Australian police, and reveal the female crime through investigation.