In the midst of Japan's come-from-behind victory over Germany at the Qatar World Cup, the foreign press is pouring applause for Japanese soccer fans.

After watching the historic victory the night before (23rd), Japanese soccer fans remained at the Khalifa International Stadium after the game to pick up and clean up the garbage left under the seats.

The scene of Japanese fans tidying up their seats before leaving the stadium is not new.

In the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador, even though it was not a match between the national teams, it was noticeable that other spectators removed trash and discarded flags after the match.

ESPN called these Japanese fans 'perfect guests', and Fox Sports also praised them as 'the best tradition in sports'.

While the fans cleaned the stadium, the Japanese national team also cleaned the locker room.

In the photo released by Pippa, the locker, floor, and even the table were neatly organized without traces of use, and a finely folded paper crane was placed on the table.