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A man in his 30s who tried to assault and kill his sister, who was fighting over her father's inheritance, was arrested as a current criminal. 

Today (24th), Seoul Gangdong Police Station arrested A (31), who is suspected of attempted murder, as a current criminal and is investigating.

Mr. A visited his older sister Mr. B (34)’s house in Cheonho-dong, Gangdong-gu at around 1:42 am that day and had a quarrel over the real estate inheritance issue of his father who died a month ago.

Then, Mr. A strangled Mr. B and hit his head on the floor several times, which caused Mr. B to be seriously injured. 

The police, who were dispatched after receiving a report from a nearby neighbor, arrested Mr. A as a current criminal. 

Mr. B was then transferred to a nearby hospital, but was in a serious condition, such as not being supplied with oxygen to the brain for a while, and is said to be recovering in the intensive care unit. 

In a police investigation, Mr. A is reported to have claimed that he had no intention of killing and that it happened during a physical fight. 

In this regard, a police official said, "We are investigating the details of the incident," and said, "We plan to apply for an arrest warrant for Mr. A." 

(Photo = Provided by Yonhap News TV/Yonhap News)