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 A male professional golfer in his 20s has been arrested on suspicion of tricking a colleague into administering drugs as a hangover reliever.

According to the legal circles today (13th), the Seoul Central District Court issued an arrest warrant for A (29), who was arrested on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act, saying, "There is a risk of destroying the evidence and running away."

Mr. A is accused of handing ecstasy, a type of drug, to a female professional golfer who is a colleague for administration at an entertainment bar in Gangnam, Seoul on July 21st.

At that time, Mr. A deceived the victim by saying it was "a hangover remedy."

The victim, who returned home after drinking, felt abnormal in her body and reported herself to the police.

The police collected the hairs of three golf students who were drinking with Mr. A on the same day and requested a detailed analysis from the National Institute of Forensic Sciences, and all four tested positive for drugs.

It is said that A admitted to all charges of drug use and handing drugs to the victim during the investigation process.

Professional golf player A, who joined the Korean Men's Professional Golf Tour, is known to have been active as a YouTuber with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating the same charges against three golf students who were present at the drinking party.