I recently told you that the police caught the voice phishing criminals thanks to the taxi driver who felt suspicious from the people in the taxi.

Not long ago, in Chungcheongnam-do, a savvy taxi driver reported to the police via text message to prevent fraud.

Reporter Lee Tae-hyun of CJB will tell you.


A woman stands in front of an ATM while looking around, and the police approach her pretending to be a normal citizen.

As soon as the woman deposits money into the machine, she sees the police approach and arrests the woman.

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The woman caught was 42-year-old A, a voice phishing collection book.

Prior to remittance, Mr. A intercepted 18 million won in a low-interest exchange loan from a victim in his 60s in Boeun-gun as bait, and was arrested the moment he was trying to deposit money to the organization.

The police, who were chasing after Mr. A, who was involved in several voice phishing crimes, requested a report from call taxi drivers across the country. Reported.

[Report taxi driver: 'I got on.

Let's go,' he said.

I went long distances and paid in cash without paying by card, so I thought it was a little suspicious (I reported it.)] The

police recovered 17 million won and returned it to the victim, and are investigating Mr. A's crimes.

On the 27th of last month, a taxi driver who rode a voice phishing collection book reported to the police with wireless earphones and was successfully arrested.

[Ji Hyeon-cheol/Jincheon Police

Station Intelligent Investigation Team: Frequently changing destinations or carrying a large bag that is different from what you are dressed in usually appears in voice phishing cash collection books.]

We decided to pay a bounty to , while strengthening cooperation with taxi drivers.

(Video coverage: Transmission's CJB)