Korea University students have created a 'Body' calendar to help young people who are preparing for self-reliance.


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About 30 people, including current students as well as middle-aged graduates, participated in the production of this calendar, which is the second time since last year.

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It is said that he has been exercising steadily for half a year since March of this year to become a calendar model full of health.

The calendar contains a total of 12 themes, including photos dedicated to the comfort women victims of the Japanese military, photos to convey environmental protection messages, and photos with concepts such as Hangeul, Taekwondo, and Taegeukgi to remind us of the importance of ours.

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Last year, we donated all the profits from the calendar to help undernourished children. This time, we plan to donate all of the proceeds to young people preparing for independence who are 18 years old, leaving protective facilities such as childcare facilities and officially preparing for independence.

Netizens responded, "Students who take the lead in good things are warm. It will be of great help."

(Screen source: yes24)