The police arrested 64 employees who stole plating materials or gold teeth for a long time while working in factories or dentists.

The Incheon West Police Station announced that they had arrested two people, including Mr. A, on charges of theft and booked 58 people, including Mr. B, without detention.

Eight people, including Mr. A, are charged with stealing blue gold used in the plating process for 7 years since February 2015 while working at an electronic circuit board plating plant.

Tsinghua gold in the form of white powder is a hazardous chemical containing 68% of pure gold.

52 people including Mr. B are accused of stealing dental alloys from hospitals while working as dental hygienists and nursing assistants at over 50 dental offices nationwide from January 2016 to April last year.

Most of the alloys they stole were gold teeth extracted by patients, worth 300 million won in market value.