Prosecutors have handed over Park's older brother to trial on charges of embezzling broadcaster Park Soo-hong's appearance fees, etc.

The amount of embezzlement has increased significantly compared to when an arrest warrant was previously requested, exceeding 6 billion won.

Reporter Park Chan-beom reports.


The amount of embezzlement that the prosecution judged while detaining and indicting his brother A on charges of embezzlement is 6.17 billion won.

Earlier, when the prosecution requested an arrest warrant for Mr. A, the amount of embezzlement was 2.1 billion won, but through additional investigation, it increased by about 4 billion won.

The period of embezzlement is about 10 years from 2011, when A was the CEO of an entertainment agency, to last year.

Mr. A is accused of illegally spending 1.3 billion won, such as fraudulently spending 1.9 billion won as if he had paid labor costs, and purchasing real estate with agency funds.

The amount of embezzlement was also included in the amount of embezzlement that Mr.

Prosecutors decided that it was not the father who took the money from Park Soo-hong's account, but his brother A, so it did not fall under the rules of kinship etiquette that 'Crimes between direct blood relatives avoid punishment'.

Park's lawyer said that there was more embezzlement that could not be uncovered other than about 6.1 billion won, and said that he would strictly hold Mr.

[Noh Jong-eon / Attorney (Park Soo-hong's legal representative): Bank slips and cash data, etc., have not been revealed because the storage period has expired over time.

We plan to do everything we can to recover the total amount of damage as we proceed with civil affairs.]

However, the prosecution judged that the life insurance money purchased by Mr.

In addition, the prosecution also charged the spouse of brother A without detention, considering it to be part of an accomplice in the embezzlement case.

(Video editing: Tae-ho Yoon, CG: Chan-hyeok Lim)