Since last year, the prosecution has given priority to 9 people per day who have remitted nearly 1 trillion won to China and Japan.

It is estimated that the amount of suspicious money that has flowed out of this country exceeds 10 trillion won, and it seems to have been aimed at the fact that virtual assets are traded at a particularly expensive price in Korea.

Reporter Won Jong-jin conducted on-site coverage of companies that sent money.


I visited a company known to have remitted hundreds of billions of won to China over the past year.

This is a one-room officetel in Jung-gu, Seoul.

There is no popularity, and there is only a note asking to contact the security office.

[Officetel Security Guard: I also went on September 6th and 7th (to get the overdue management fee).

But there wasn't.

There was no ○○○ anyway.] The

company registration states that it was established in May of last year and is engaged in the wholesale and retail business of electronic parts.

The company executives are Korean-Chinese.

Another large remittance company's headquarters is also a one-room officetel nearby.

[(anybody home?) …


Similar to the previous company, it was established in June of last year, and the directors and auditors are also Korean-Chinese.

The Daegu District Prosecutor's Office illegally sent about 1 trillion won to China, Hong Kong, and Japan by tricking the party that established this ghost corporation by selling virtual assets sent by Chinese and Japanese accomplices at a high price on a Korean exchange for about a year, then tricking them into remittances. Said to have sent money.

It turned out that he bought a luxury condo and a foreign car with a fee of billions of won.

It was investigated that Woori Bank branch manager A received 25 million won in cash and gift certificates by telling them about the prosecution's account tracking.

[Choi Ji-seok / 2nd Deputy Chief of the Daegu District Prosecutors' Office: We will continue to thoroughly investigate domestic and foreign accomplices who took part in the crime.

In addition, we are conducting a strict investigation to see if the bank has exercised considerable caution and supervision.]

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office and the Korea Customs Service are also conducting extensive investigations into these suspicious foreign currency remittances, so the number of companies and banks involved is expected to increase significantly.

(Video coverage: Harung, Kim Deok-rae TBC, video editing: Yoon Tae-ho)