A driver found an elementary school student standing on the shoulder of the highway and quickly reported the child, so the child was safely returned to his parents' arms.


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Netizen A found a child standing on the shoulder of the road on the way home from Jeongeup, Jeollabuk-do on the 4th.

He said the boy was wearing dark clothes and standing with a backpack on his back.

A and his colleague, who determined that the situation was dangerous, called 112 and sent a text message to the Korea Expressway Corporation.

After receiving the text message, the Korea Expressway Corporation immediately confirmed the location of Mr. A and succeeded in locating the place where the child was with the surrounding CCTV.

Afterwards, the police took over the child and returned it safely to her parents.

It turned out that the child had been reported missing by his parents.

Netizens responded, "You saved a life. It's still a livable world.", "But how did the child get to the highway? Please take care not to fall into danger again."

(Screen source: Baby Dream)