Kim Seung-gyeom, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said today (6th) that the cause of the accident of the Hyunmoo-2C surface-to-surface missile was "initial evaluation is evaluating it as a defect in a specific device."

Chairman Kim responded to the question of Shin Won-sik, a member of the People's Power, about the cause of the camel at the state inspection of the Joint Chiefs of Staff held at the Yongsan government building today, saying, "I presume it is due to some defect in the manufacturing of the weapon."

He explained that there were no problems with the pre-launch check procedure.

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Previously, the Hyunmoo-2C missile launched by the military during a combined South Korea-U.S. counterfire late at night on the 4th crashed after an abnormal flight immediately after launch.

Chairman Kim said, "The ADD (Defense Science Research Institute) headquarters will perform a detailed analysis at the manufacturing company."

(Photo = provided by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Yonhap News)