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A child was hit by a car and seriously injured in the apartment complex.

The Gwangju Nambu Police Station announced on the 6th that it was investigating the case of driver A in his 30s on charges of hitting and seriously injuring a child while driving a car in an apartment complex (violation of the Traffic Accident Handling Special Act). 

A is suspected of hitting a 6-year-old group B (6) while driving an SUV in an apartment complex in Nam-gu, Gwangju around 7 pm on the 5th.

In this accident, group B was seriously injured and transferred to a nearby hospital. 

At the time of the accident, Mr. A was confirmed not to be intoxicated or driving without a license, and during the police investigation, it was reported that "the child suddenly ran out and did not see".

Police are investigating the exact cause of the accident based on CCTV footage in the apartment complex. 

Meanwhile, according to a police investigation, more than 70% of pedestrian traffic fatalities died on roads where the sidewalk and the road were not separated. 

Accordingly, in accordance with the revised Road Traffic Act that came into effect on July 12, the introduction of a pedestrian priority road and the 'duty to protect pedestrians off-road,' which requires slowing down or temporarily stopping even if it is not a road, such as in an apartment complex, parking lot, or university campus road, etc. We are implementing a policy that puts pedestrian safety first.  

Nevertheless, accidents caused by bicycles, kickboards, and children who suddenly jump out of the apartment complex are still occurring, and the driver has no way of avoiding it. 

Therefore, experts recommend leaving the apartment complex at a speed of 10 km/h or less, and securing visibility in places you can't see before departing.