Park Soo-Hong's side "What Park Soo-Hong wants the most is to restore his relationship with his mother"

Broadcaster Park Soo-hong (52), who sued his older brother for embezzling his performance fees for decades, said he wanted to restore his relationship with his mother, amid verbal abuse and assault from his father right before the prosecution's investigation.

On the 5th, Park Soo-hong's legal representative, Noh Jong-eon, said, "What Park Soo-hong wants most is to restore her relationship with her mother."

She continued, "However, I will do my best to recover from the damage as my feelings for her older brother are deep."

Lawyer Noh said that Park Soo-hong's condition is a little better than before and said, "However, it is a situation that leaves a mental scar on the fact that she was abused and assaulted by her father."

Park Soo-hong, "My goal in life is to be a good parent"

Meanwhile, Park Soo-hong, who was taken to the hospital due to his father's abusive language and assault, said something he said in an entertainment show in the past.

Her Park Soo-hong revealed her utmost filial piety to her parents in her 2016 SBS entertainment show 'My Little Old Boy'.

Enlarging an image

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Park Soo-hong, referring to the difficult family environment after his father's business failure, said, "At the time, my mother had a hairdressing salon, and she was eating rice in water for fear of guests coming in. I was a teenager at the time, how would I rebel when I saw it. I never dreamed of it. "He said.

He also emphasized, "I wanted to somehow get my parents out of poverty.

At the confession of her son Park Soo-hong, the mother shed tears and said, "It was really hard at that time. In the evening, Su-hong came to pick me up and comforted me by saying, 'Mom, be patient."

Park Soo-hong's father "I embezzled my eldest son"...

Suspicion of abuse of family rites

It is known that the father, who assaulted his son Park Soo-hong before the prosecution's investigation on the 4th, is claiming that he, not the eldest son, ordered the embezzlement.

Park Soo-hong's father claims that he directly managed Park Soo-hong's personal bankbook and assets, but the fact that he does not know the ID and password for Internet banking related to Park Soo-hong's personal account book Taking all of these factors into consideration, it seems that it will be difficult for the father's argument to be easily accepted.

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In response, some are suspecting that Park Soo-hong's father is abusing the 'family customs' by turning the charges of embezzlement to himself in order to prevent the punishment of his eldest son.

“Relative funeral ritual” refers to a special provision exempting property crimes such as theft, fraud, and embezzlement that occurred between relatives or spouses within fourth degree.

According to the kinship rites, even if her father embezzled Park Soo-hong's money, she would not be punished.

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