The taxi driver's base, who felt suspicious about the contents of the customer's call, prevented voice phishing damage worth tens of millions of won.

According to the Changnyeong Police Station in Gyeongnam today (6th), a taxi driver in his 50s picked up customer A (female in his 50s) in Sacheon and dropped him off in front of a financial institution in Changnyeong-eup, Changnyeong-gun around 5:11 pm.

However, while Mr. A was getting off the phone, he heard someone talking on the phone while using words such as 'tens of millions of won', 'return loan', and 'arrival', and he suspected a voice phishing crime and immediately reported it to the police.

After receiving the report, the police rushed to the scene and arrested Mr. A as a current criminal right before he handed 60 million won in cash to Mr. B (30s, female).

Mr. B made an excuse to the police that he was "working part-time", but when a message exchanged with a voice phishing boss was found on his cell phone, the fact that it was a cash collection book was discovered.

It is said that the taxi driver did not leave the seat even after reporting it, looked at the back of Mr. B's impression, and continued to inform the information until the police arrived.

The taxi driver said, "I couldn't tell if it was the perpetrator or the victim, but I was suspicious of voice phishing by repeating the loan story."

The police arrested and investigated Mr. B, and decided to pay a letter of appreciation and a reward to the taxi driver who prevented the damage.

(Photo = Yonhap News)