A woman in her 30s, a Korean tourist, died in an electric shock at a hotel swimming pool in Da Nang, Vietnam.

At about 5:50 pm local time yesterday (5th), a woman in her 30s, a Korean tourist, was suddenly electrocuted and lost consciousness when she tried to enter the outdoor swimming pool of a hotel in Da Nang, Vietnam.

A's family, brother B, told SBS reporters, "The moment B's wife and daughter in the swimming pool tried to approach A's body, an electric current flowed."

She immediately informed the hotel staff, and her paramedics arrived and performed CPR on her Ms. A, but she eventually died.

Mr. B said, "I did not feel well immediately after CPR, so I requested transfer to the hospital."

Local police in Vietnam are investigating the exact cause of the accident against Mr. A's family and the hotel.

Immediately after the accident, the hotel closed its swimming pool and went into temporary closure.

(Photo = provided by Mr. A's family)