Viewing a 4K video on the YouTube app is now subject to a Premium subscription.

Many messages on Twitter and on Reddit report on this decision made by the video streaming platform, reports 01net.

Screenshots show that to display a video in 2160p, or 4k, you are asked to upgrade to the Premium offer.

However, viewing is still possible with lower quality.

With the Premium offer, available on YouTube, via the application but also on the Web, it is also possible to access YouTube and YouTube Music without advertising.

User can also download videos to watch anytime even without internet connection.

Background listening is also available for the app.

But this offer costs 11.99 euros per month, with a free trial month.

No indication on the duration of the test

For now, YouTube is testing its formula only on the Android and iOS app.

The web platform is not affected.

4k videos are always viewable without restriction.

It is difficult to know how long this test will last.

In all likelihood, Google is trying to find out if users are willing to put their hands in their pockets for better image quality.

Google would like to find new revenue streams for YouTube.

In the second quarter, with its advertisers, the platform generated only 7.34 billion dollars instead of 7.52 billion dollars expected.

The platform must in particular face competition from TikTok.

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