Baptiste Morin, edited by Romain Rouillard 06:22, October 05, 2022

This Monday, Emmanuel Macron asked for the reinforcement of the protection of submarine cables.

These constructions are of capital importance since they allow the whole planet to benefit from an internet connection.

The sabotage of one of these cables can have serious consequences.

If wifi allows wireless internet access, it is actually impossible to surf the web without the 450 cables that cover our oceans.

The Internet is therefore not a dematerialized technology and these kilometers of submarine cables - 1.3 million precisely - require very special attention.

This is the reason why Emmanuel Macron asked for the strengthening of their security as revealed by Europe 1 on Monday.

The cumulative distance of all these wires makes it possible to circumnavigate the globe 30 times and 99% of the global internet network passes through these cables.

Externally, they look like any garden hose, inside which the water gives way to fiber optics.

Cables that have become essential today.

France, the most connected country in Europe

"If you sabotage a cable that connects France with the United States, you will really put the French economy in difficulty, flows, but also access to intelligence and in particular military intelligence", explains Asma Mhalla, specialist in digital geopolitical issues. 



- France unveils its submarine warfare strategy and strengthens its arsenal

With its large coastlines, France is logically the most connected country in Europe and the gateway to the continent.

And it's not just the west coast since in Marseille, eight cables connect France to Africa and Asia.

In 2015, one of them was damaged and 80% of the Algerian Internet was cut for five days.