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Busan International Film Festival kicks off today (5th) and runs for ten days.

For the past two years, I haven't been able to meet the audience properly due to Corona, but I started the festival in front of a large crowd like before after a long time.

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Busan International Film Festival, the 27th largest film festival in Asia this year, has opened normally for the first time in three years since the corona crisis.

We have just finished the opening ceremony and are preparing for the screening of the opening film 'Scent of the Wind'.

At the opening ceremony, domestic and foreign stars, including past Cannes Film Festival award winners such as Song Kang-ho and Yang Jo-wi, attended the opening ceremony, illuminating the normalized Busan International Film Festival.

In particular, actor Yang Jo-wi, who represents Asia, visited Busan for the first time in 18 years and received the Asian Film Artist Award.

At the opening ceremony, there was also a time to pay tribute to domestic and foreign filmmakers who passed away this year, including the late actor Kang Su-yeon, music director Bang Jun-seok, and French director Jean-Luc Godard, who died suddenly in May.

The Busan International Film Festival, which will be held for ten days from today to the 14th, will screen a total of 354 domestic and foreign films in 7 theaters and 30 screens.

[Lee Yong-gwan/President of Busan International Film Festival: If I exaggerate a little, I am deeply moved.

We prepared, but because the timing is right (with the corona situation), we think we can fully open it.]

This year's screenings included a large number of award-winning films and topical films from this year's global film festivals, such as 'The Triangle of Sorrow', which won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival, and 'Summer of Alacas', which won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival.

In addition, this year's Busan International Film Festival will launch the world's first story market, which buys and sells stories, the source of movie production.

The forum event, which was suspended due to Corona, is also resumed to explore what a movie really is in the era of streaming services.

(Video coverage: Jeon Gyeong-bae, video editing: Choi Eun-jin)