An absurd thing happened when an elderly person discharged from a nursing hospital was recorded as dead with a single click on the hospital side.

'The living father is the dead'.

This article was posted on the website of Gunsan City Hall on the 16th of last month.

The complainant said, 'My father's basic pension has not been deposited since last June, so when I checked with the community center, the living father was registered as a suspected death in the administrative agency, so his seal was canceled.

As a result of the Gunsan city investigation, it was revealed that this incident occurred while the complainant's father was discharged from a nursing hospital.

The responsibility for final verification rests with the local government, but the city of Gunsan also cut off the basic pension as it was deemed that the complainant's father had died without further confirmation.

When the problem arose, the city of Gunsan apologized to the complainant and returned the unpaid basic pension.

The nursing hospital also took action to immediately correct the information that the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service incorrectly notified that he died, and correct it as a general discharge.