Twitter reported Tuesday that it has successfully tested a feature that allows subscribers to its

Blue service






New Zealand

to be edited for now within 30 minutes of posting.

"The test has gone well. (The tool to) edit tweets is rolling out to

Twitter Blue

members in




, and

New Zealand

. Soon (it will be implemented) in the


," Twitter announces on its social network.

Through this new tool,

Twitter Blue

, a paid service available in several countries, will allow its subscribers to, for example, correct typos or add forgotten labels, for which it has initially set a maximum of half an hour to do the changes.

The tool to edit the messages appears with a pencil icon in the upper right corner of the tweets next to the time of publication, as explained by

Twitter Blue

in your account.

Likewise, the edited messages will be marked with the time of the last edition and another icon that, if pressed, allows you to see their previous versions, according to the brief tutorial published on their social platform.

"We love your editions, and we are looking forward to continuing to expand this test to new markets," remarks


, which had recognized that this function of editing - which platforms like


have had for years - most demanded so far by users.

The social network, which began testing that tool in early September, had announced last April that it was working on this edit button, which it had resisted for years.

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