On city buses, teenagers sometimes pay bus fares in cash and turn away from change because they are annoying or shy.

According to a media report, a student I met at a bus stop in front of a middle school in Seoul said that it seems that he hardly ever took change after paying for the bus.

She said, 'Even a single snack costs more than 1,000 won, it doesn't make sense to receive a few tens or hundreds of won in change.'

Another student said, 'When I receive a coin, it makes a noise and is annoying'.

It is said that there were many young people who did not know the exact bus fare because they were used to the transportation card.

Bus drivers also said, 'Even if you ask them to take change, it's absurd that they just go away.' Experts analyzed this situation as a result of the combined action of the convenience of the younger generation and the depreciation of currency.