As the so-called resell market, which buys and resells hard-to-find items such as limited editions, is rapidly growing, following Chanel and Hermès, Nike also announced a ban on resell.

Since last month, Nike Korea has added to the terms of use prohibiting purchases for resell purposes.

Nike said it would restrict sales, cancel orders, and suspend accounts if it turns out that the purchase was for resell purposes.

The main targets are those who have won the lottery for limited edition products and immediately resell them with extra money.

Hermès Korea also recently included a prohibition on resale involvement in its terms and conditions, stating that it will not be sold to resellers or intermediaries acting on their behalf.

Chanel also requires ID when purchasing products or receiving after-sales service to prevent resell.

However, it is questionable how effective these measures will be, as there is no legal basis to prevent the sale of resells, which is a person-to-person transaction.

(Photo = Yonhap News)