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was the first weekend after all outdoor masks were lifted, and it was the first day of the holidays, so it was a perfect day to enjoy autumn.

However, in the metropolitan area, fine dust was a bit of a hindrance.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow (the 2nd).

Reporter Lee Kyung-won will tell you.

<Reporter> The

ridge of Seoraksan has changed into autumn clothes.

At the top of the towering Daecheongbong Peak, the colorful autumn leaves welcome those who have struggled to climb the mountain.

The time when the color of the leaves is about 20% from the top of the mountain to the bottom is counted as the start date of the autumn leaves.

It is expected that the autumn leaves will reach their peak around the end of this month.

Some people start their first day off with camping.

Jarasum Campground is busy with tents pitching between the trees.

The fall festival, which was locked in Corona, is back after 3 years.

Every event venue across the country was crowded with outing visitors.

In particular, since it is the first weekend after the complete removal of the outdoor mask, the feeling is even more special.

[Won Myeong-soon / Ulsan Buk-gu: It is very meaningful to have an event like this after taking off the mask outdoors for the first time since Corona, and I think it is good to do it with the children.]

For the three-day holiday, about 5.5 million vehicles moved nationwide, and major highways were closed during the day. formed an identity.

Although October started, some areas showed early summer weather with daytime temperatures exceeding 30 degrees, and the concentration of ultrafine dust rose to a 'bad' level due to atmospheric stagnation.

Light rain is forecast for the metropolitan area tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

(Helicopter pilot: Min Byeong-ho, Kim Se-min, video coverage: Kim Tae-hoon, Lee Kwang-soo G1, Jeon Jae-hyun KNN, Choi Hak-sun UBC, video editing: Choi Eun-jin)