"It seems that this kind of luck has come by donating over the years."

It has been confirmed that the lucky protagonist who won the first and second prizes at the same time in the pension lottery is a 'donation angel' who has been donating to society for many years.

Recently, it was reported that the lottery entrusted with the lottery business operator had simultaneous winners of the first and second prizes in the 720+ 124th rounds of the pension lottery.

In an interview with the accompanying lottery, the winner said, "I have been buying lottery and pension lottery tickets for fun instead of smoking for a long time. It's done," he said.

Then he said, "I didn't think much about winning and losing, so it wasn't much different from usual (feelings)."

The winner, who said he had no feelings even though he had won 1st and 2nd place at the same time, said calmly, "I have been working hard, and I have been lucky because I have regularly donated to hospitals and scholarship foundations."

Finally, when asked how they plan to use the winnings, the winner concluded the interview with a 'donation angel'-like answer, saying, "I plan to donate a portion and use the rest for my old age living expenses."

On the other hand, the first prize in the pension lottery is paid out in the form of an annuity, 7 million won per month for 20 years, and 1 million won for 10 years for the second prize.