Starting today (1st), you do not have to enter from overseas and undergo a corona test within 24 hours.

At the nursing hospital, we decided to remove the quarantine bars little by little so that we could visit each other hand in hand.

Medical reporter Yoo Seung-hyun reports.

<Reporter> This

is a corona test center for inbound travelers at Incheon International Airport.

It is crowded with people trying to get a PCR test right after arrival.

The inspection center for outbound travelers will remain, but it will be closed.

This is because the duty to test within 24 hours immediately after entry has disappeared from today.

[Lee Ki-il/Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters 1 General Coordinator: The rate of overseas entry confirmed lowered from 1.3% in August to 0.9% in September.

The low fatality rate of the BA.5 mutation, which is the dominant species recently, was also taken into consideration.]

Following the release of the pre-entry inspection duty, all quarantine-related corona prevention measures have disappeared with this measure.

[Baek Kyung-taek/Incheon City: (Before) I arrived on the weekend, and I had to do a PCR test, so I looked everywhere, so there were a lot of troublesome things.]

However, if you have symptoms during the immigration process, you have to report it and get tested, and if you want, you have to enter the country. You can get a free test at a public health center within three days.

When traveling to another country, there are some things you need to pack with you.

In the United States, proof in English that two weeks have passed since the second dose is required.

In Japan, there are no restrictions on the number of tertiary immunizations, but those who have received primary or not immunized must submit a PCR-negative confirmation within 72 hours of departure.

In Europe, entry restrictions have been removed from most countries, but restrictions remain in some countries, such as Spain.

Face-to-face visits to nursing hospitals and facilities, which were suspended about two months ago, will resume.

It's from the 4th, but you have to make a reservation in advance and wear a mask while visiting.

The visitor must be confirmed negative in the self-examination result before the visit.