Today (30th), a KORAIL employee who was working alone at a subway station repairing a screen door was hit by a train coming into the station and seriously injured.

The work was done without stopping the train operation, and the details were covered by reporter Kim Ji-wook.


The red light indicating a screen door failure is on on the monitor for the train engine.

At around 10:15 am today, an accident occurred when a train entering from Jeongbalsan Station on Subway Line 3 collided with the head of a worker in his 50s, who belongs to the KORAIL Architectural Office.

Mr. A, who was caught between the train and the screen door, suffered serious head injuries and was taken to the hospital unconscious.

It is known that Mr. A had an accident while opening the screen door at the back of the platform and preparing for repair work from the inside.

It was confirmed that Mr. A, who started repairs in a group of three, was working alone inside the screen door, and the train was operating normally without interruption at the time.

[KORAIL official: (Repair work) is done when there is no stop or train.

Anyway, the work I did now is the work I do when there is no train.]

I worked without stopping the train at the time of the 'Guui Station Kim Gun' disaster in 2016, and a similar incident was repeated again.

It is known that the screen door where the accident occurred has been repaired due to frequent failures since the 23rd.

[KORAIL Order Keeper: (The train door) doesn't open well, but it doesn't close...

That's why I'm here...


The Railroad Special Judicial Police Unit is planning to determine the exact circumstances of the accident through CCTV and eyewitness statements.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor also plans to investigate compliance with safety rules while working.

(Video editing: Seungjin Lee, VJ: Junyoung Lee)