A fire broke out in an apartment building in Daejeon at dawn today (30th) and residents were evacuated.

The fire department believes that the fire started from an electric scooter battery parked on the veranda.

Reporter Kim Jung-woo, news of the accident overnight.


Red flames burn outside the windows of the apartment building, and gray smoke is constantly pouring out.

Although the fire was not extinguished, firefighters are urgently working to rescue lives.

At around 0:20 this morning, a fire broke out on the 6th floor of a 13-story apartment in Dong-gu, Daejeon.

The fire was extinguished in 20 minutes, but 10 residents inhaled the smoke and one was treated in a hospital with burns on the back of his hand.

Fire authorities believe that the fire started from the electric scooter battery that had been erected on the veranda and are investigating the exact cause of the fire.


Yesterday evening, around 8:30, a 3.5-ton truck collided with a 25-ton tanker truck in the direction of Nonsan on the Cheonan-Nonsan Expressway.

The truck was completely burned in the accident, and the truck driver in his 30s and a passenger in their 20s were taken to the hospital.

As the firefighting work continued for about 40 minutes, the area around the accident site experienced severe traffic congestion for over an hour.


At the same time, a fire broke out at the Gocheok Tool Shop in Guro-gu, Seoul.

All of the shops were burnt, but fortunately there were no casualties.