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The owner of a giblets restaurant complained about the demands of customers on a delivery app.

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Customer A wrote in the order request, "The child likes cheese sticks. Never press the bell on Johnny's child. Refund when the child wakes up."

The president, who saw this, canceled the order, saying, "The food for the late event is random, but they ask for a cheese stick that is not on the list. Also, it's like a customer who gave one star because a child broke it during the last delivery."

After that, Mr. A placed the canceled order again, and when he even canceled it, he texted and asked the reason.

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The president explained, "The delivery driver is not dispatched because of the request for a refund if the child wakes up," but Mr. A said he was in a bad mood and said, "Are you really going to ask for a refund! Can I upload it?" he asked.

In the end, the president responded by saying, "Reviews are a lifeline for the self-employed, so please do it in moderation" and "Please don't order again."

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Netizens responded, "I can't breathe just looking at the article. It's true that parenting is hard, but this is overdone.", "Why are you asking for a cheese stick that your child likes when you say you shouldn't wake him up?"

(Screen source: online community)