• The new generation of DJI smartphone stabilizer is launched.

    Its name: Osmo Mobile 6.

  • For only 10 euros more than its previous version, i.e. 169 euros, this gimbal offers a full range of functions to produce pro quality videos.

  • Simple to use, it is a tool that will appeal to creators, but also to novice videographers.

Farewell, go!

So often mocked, the selfie stick that you just had to unfold to film or take a picture of yourself from your smartphone can retire on LeBonCoin.

With its Osmo Mobile 6, DJI sends it without hesitation to the shelves of oblivion.

Tested by "20 Minutes", this new gimbal offers a thousand possibilities to enhance your videos.

And it's not just for content creators experienced in shooting.

Its simplicity makes the Osmo Mobile 6 a tool that even laymen can adopt to create pro-quality videos.

Not much more expensive, much more efficient

DJI didn't wait.

A year after its Osmo Mobile 5, the Chinese firm whose drones make us all salivate, replaces it with its Osmo Mobile 6. Simple



Far from there.

With a contained price increase (the OM6 is sold for 169 euros, against 159 euros for the OM5 when it was launched), the manufacturer offers a more advanced, gifted and simple device at the same time.

The OM6 is the combination of a motorized smartphone arm stabilized on three axes, and an application.

The device, which has a magnetic clip for smartphone (all models with a thickness of 6.9 mm to 10 mm and a weight between 170 and 290 grams are compatible) takes the form of a handle with control buttons which, via the DJI Mino photo / video application, allows you to take control of the smartphone which is grafted to it.

As soon as it is unfolded, the OM6 starts up automatically.

All you have to do is snap your smartphone to the carrycot and launch the application.

Depending on the situation, you can, if you wish, unfold the pole over about twenty centimeters.

Handy for group


, for example, or to increase the height of a shot.

A small tripod is also provided, the OM6 simply screwing onto it.

Positioned, the whole thing allows you to film yourself without further manipulation.

From the outset, the coupling inspires confidence by its solidity.

The various buttons are perfectly placed on the handle, accessible almost intuitively.

New buttons, new functions

This is where the novelties jump out.

On the left side of the handle, DJI has housed a wheel that did not exist on the OM5.

This allows you to zoom in and out smoothly in the image.

If you press on it, there is the possibility of manual focusing.

This is a real plus in terms of ergonomics.

Another contribution, a small button for changing shooting mode now on the front.

If it existed on the left, on the handle of the OM5, it becomes more accessible on the OM6 and has a small control screen, much easier to select the desired mode.

There are four (Tracking; Tilt Lock; FPV; SpinShot), depending on the creative effects you want.

Do not panic to understand how it works: tutorials are available in the application, divided according to your level (Beginner, Basic, Advanced).

Alas, not all are subtitled in French.

And of course, it is possible at any time, with a simple press of a button, to change the camera: either the one on the back of the smartphone, or the one on the front to film yourself.

Or switch from shooting in Landscape mode to one in Portrait mode.

Impressive tracking



We are quite amazed by the countless possibilities offered by the Oslo Mobile 6. From the most basic, to the most advanced, we obviously have to take the time to discover them, test them and master them to widen the field of possibilities if we want create videos that are out of the ordinary.

To get started, we advise you to get your hands on the Active Tracking 5.0 function.

As its name suggests, it allows the smartphone mounted on the


to constantly follow a subject filmed, whether with the main camera, but also, now, with the front camera.

The results obtained are astonishing.

Then add effects, like enabling SpinShot Mode to spin around the image (impressive when shooting with deep depth of field).

This will have the effect of energizing your sequences.

And then, when you've shot a few sequences, let LightCut (the editing application integrated into the DJI Mimo editor) do the editing for you.

Thematic molds, such as Urban Style, Dreamer, Summer Time… await your images to associate them without further manipulation and in a few seconds create clips that you can share without delay.

In an era where sharing video content is part of our daily lives, the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 whets the appetite and breaks down many barriers around creation.

Foldable, light (300 grams), supplied with a carrying case, this accessory can follow all our wanderings and proves to be a complete tool that is quickly tamed.

From the birth movie to the

road trip

, through your skateboarding exploits, your cooking tutorials, even pure artistic frenzies, everyone will find a weighty ally to let their creativity speak for itself.

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