has removed more than 113 million videos in the second quarter of the year,

about 1.2 million in Spain, for violating community standards


The technology company has highlighted the use of its automatic systems for detecting manipulated audio and images to deal with content that contains disinformation.

Collectively, in the second quarter,

these systems improved the proactive removal of videos

, 89.1 percent compared to 83.6 percent in the previous quarter.

It also improved the removal of videos with zero views (74.7% vs. 60.8%) and removal in less than 24 hours (83.9% vs. 71.9%).

This data, shared by TikTok in its latest 'Community Standards Compliance' report, focuses on

actions taken with content that violates Integrity and Authenticity policies

, which account for 0.7 percent of total video. eliminated in the second trimester.

In total, the company has removed 113,809,300 videos, which represent around 1% of all videos posted on the social network.

Of these deleted videos, 48,011,571 have been removed using automated tools, and 5,896,218 have ended up being restored.

The videos eliminated for violating the policies that seek to protect minors represent 43.7 percent


Of these, 98.4 percent were removed proactively, 95.4 percent with no hits, and 95.7 percent in less than 24 hours of posting.

In the case of Spain, TikTok has removed 1,177,753 videos in the second quarter of the year, 95.2 percent proactively;

87.4% within 24 hours of publication and 84.3% without visits.

Conforms to The Trust Project criteria

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