There was also a lot of interest in the article that the controversy over excessive quarantine has arisen once again in China, which is adhering to a strict zero-corona policy.

A man opens a bag of rice and pours all the rice inside into the trash can.

Plastic bags with eggs are also smashed on the ground and thrown into the trash.

The video was filmed in Zhao District, Jiamutsi City, Heilongjiang Province, China.

On the 17th, two corona confirmed cases were reported, and lockdown measures were put in place.

The quarantine authorities did this, saying that there is a possibility that residents do not follow procedures and bring in rice and eggs from outside to transmit the virus.

Earlier, in China, a rather absurd quarantine policy, such as a corona test by pricking the snout of a fish caught by a fisherman with a cotton swab, has been controversial several times.

When the quarantine measures that exceed the limit were revealed once again, local netizens are pouring out criticism, saying, 'I'm really tired now'.