Data piracy is a recurring activity of malicious hackers.

A few days ago, the group of hackers who had launched a cyberattack against the southern Ile-de-France hospital center of Corbeil-Essonnes last August, began to disseminate data that they had collected.

This time it was McDonald's France that was affected.

The fast food company has had personal information about three million customers stolen, according to the site specializing in computer crime Zataz, relayed by Phonandroid.

A hacker was able to get his hands on a database belonging to McDonald's France.

However, difficult to validate the information according to the site.

The data that has been leaked is partly encrypted.

This means that they are unusable in this form.

A key is needed to decrypt them.

Similarly, one cannot be certain of the exact content of the database, Zataz says.

The file posted for 24 hours

The hacker made the encrypted database available for 24 hours before removing it.

"If someone finds how to decipher, he will have a kiss," he said.

The file weighed 385 MB. It already gave some unencrypted elements on customers such as names, birthdays, mobile phones, email addresses, Paypal transactions, etc. So many elements that could already be used for bad reasons. purposes.

The hacker would have taken advantage of a flaw in the mobile application of the fast food chain.

By encrypting part of the data, McDonald's had taken measures to limit the impact of an attack.

The hacker hopes that other hackers will manage to find the decryption key.

Customers using the app are advised to change their password.

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