The National Human Rights Commission of Korea decided that the act of a nutritionist who instructed the school canteen cook to practice shredding after work was workplace harassment.

According to the Human Rights Commission, Mr. A, a nutritionist at a middle school, instructed the victim, who is a cook in the school cafeteria, to practice shredding every day at home for about 50 days from January last year and send a photo to be checked.

Practice instructions continued even on weekends and holidays.

Also, in front of other cooks, he used abusive language to the victim, such as 'People with these hands are not good at their jobs and are lazy'.

In the end, the victim filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission against Mr.

Mr. A recommended practice in consideration of safety accident prevention and mastery of cooking tasks, and argued that verbal abuse was not true. It was judged that the right to rest and the right to general freedom of action were infringed.