The court sentenced Jeon Joo-hwan to 9 years in prison for stalking and killing at Sindang Station.

Criminal Division 12 of the Seoul Western District Court sentenced Jeon Joo-hwan to 9 years in prison, 80 hours of stalking treatment, and 40 hours of sexual crime treatment for violating the Act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes and the Punishment of Stalking Act.

This sentence was due to be given on the 15th, but it was postponed as Jeon Joo-hwan killed victim A, a station worker, the day before.

Jeon Joo-hwan has been accused of stalking Mr. A by sending illegal footage from November 2019 to October last year, or sending text messages over 350 times.

Mr. A sued Jeon Joo-hwan with the police in October of last year .

Mr. A filed an additional complaint against Jeon Joo-hwan on charges of stalking in January when Jeon Joo-hwan, who was not in custody, approached him asking for an agreement.

Prosecutors indicted the two cases in February and July, and the court has merged the two cases and proceeded to hear them.

Prosecutors demanded 9 years in prison at a trial on the 18th of last month.

On the 14th, the day before the sentencing, Jeon Joo-hwan murdered Mr. A, who was on patrol at Sindang Station, and the first trial sentence came out today (29th).