We looked at the reality of workers who are having difficulties with lawsuits for damages after the strike and the issues surrounding the 'yellow envelope law'.

Now let's look at the situation in other countries.

Fact Check 'Actually' team, reporter Lee Kyung-won.


Let's take a look at what developed countries are like.

In European countries, such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom, where labor rights are known to be developed, compensation claims for illegal strikes are possible.

UK Labor Relations Act.

Claims for damages as well as criminal penalties are stipulated.

Germany and France judge by precedents instead of laws, and strikes are a last resort, and it is the strike that has been abused and corrupted to cause a company to fall into disorder.

However, in Europe, there are also devices that make billing difficult.

If you look at the UK, the law sets an upper limit on the amount of compensation depending on the size of the union.

If there are fewer than 5,000 members, it is £10,000, if it has more than 100,000 members, it is £250,000, and so on.

German case law prevents estimating strike damages too high.

In fact, in 2012, German Lufthansa claimed that the strike suffered a loss of 9 million euros, but in fact demanded only 32,000 euros, which the court rejected.

Finally, in France, there is a precedent that requires the company to prove the reasons attributable to each union member who participated in the strike in order to be able to file a lawsuit.

Of course, this proof is, in fact, very difficult.

Although lawsuits are possible in the United States and Japan, several research papers show that there are not many cases where individual workers are directly sued for damages.

It is a common evaluation of the labor academia that in many developed countries, there are not as many lawsuits for damages as expected due to the lack of substantial profit.

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