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A video of a woman who smoked in a non-smoking area assaulting a government official who was cracking down on several occasions has spread, causing outrage.


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On the afternoon of the 26th, a bus stop near Suyu Station on Subway Line 4.

A woman in her 20s assaults a middle-aged man indiscriminately.

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He grabs the man's arm and kicks him several times in the shin and knee, and hits him in the head several times.

The man stopped by saying, "Don't do it," and tried to stop the citizens who were watching this, but the assault continued.

At that time, the woman was smoking in a non-smoking area, but it is known that she suddenly used violence when the man presented the civil service card and explained the grounds for the crackdown.

The Gangbuk Police Station in Seoul has booked the woman on charges of obstructing the execution of official duties.

She is said to have stated that the woman did it because she was "angry" during a police investigation.

The official who suffered the assault was on a two-week sick leave due to psychological shock.

Netizens responded, "Smoking in non-smoking areas and assaults... We need to properly punish and reflect.", "Should we include emotional control education in school subjects? It's too scary these days."

(Screen source: online community)