A review of the productions that are giving the most talk on the different streaming platforms.


Game of Thrones fans seem to love this prequel.

Portraying the times when

the Targaryen dynasty ruled almost unopposed

thanks to the power of the dragons is something that hooks.

Memorable villains, the constant presence of dragons and characters who suffer to maintain (or achieve) power make up

an action-packed political thriller with racy scenes.

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DAHMER (Netflix)

It is not suitable for all audiences.

In this series,

starring Evan Peters and created by Ryan Murphy


American Horror Story

), we meet none other than

'the butcher from Milwaukee'


A very troublesome guy, who murdered 17 people between 1978 and 1991.

Crimes that are portrayed in ten chapters that make your hair stand on end.

With cannibalism included.

THE RINGS OF POWER (Amazon Prime Video)

The most expensive series in history has not disappointed.

The fabled Second Age of Middle-earth history is portrayed in a series of interlocking stories that extend the universe of

The Lord of the Rings


The Hobbit


Well-resolved action scenes and many characters that maintain the balance between Good and Evil.

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ANDOR (Disney+)

Diego Luna

is the star of this

political thriller that has reinvigorated the

Star Wars

saga .

And, which is always very difficult, he has convinced the fans.

Above all, to the older ones when introducing concepts such as

democracy, the limits of morality, how those who govern exercise power

or if human beings care more about the individual or the collective.

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THE GYPSY BRIDE (AtresPlayer Premium)


an impressive start

and only two premiered chapters, this Spanish production has been liked.

And a lot.

Its gloominess, the performance of Nerea Barros

as a tortured inspector and some crimes to be solved make it

an absorbing thriller that promises surprises

and that portrays well what Carmen Mola told in the book that she adapts.

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