Composers Don Spike and Kim Min-soo, who are charged with drug use, were arrested a while ago.

Kim admitted to the charges in front of the camera and said he would pay for his crimes sweetly.

Correspondent Suwon-wook.


Don Spike and Kim Min-soo, wearing black and white masks, appeared at the courthouse.

After receiving a warrant for drug use, Kim pleaded for forgiveness by admitting the charges.

[Kim Min-soo (Don Spike)/Composer: (Do you admit the charge itself?) Yes, I do.

We're really sorry for the inconvenience.

It's all my fault.

I will faithfully take part in the investigation and accept the crime (the price of the crime) sweetly.]

Police believe that Mr. Kim used drugs several times in Gangnam, Seoul, etc. from last April until recently.

[Kim Min-soo (Don Spike)/Songwriter: (When did you start taking drugs?) Recently.]

The day (26th) after the police secured a statement from another drug suspect under investigation that he had used drugs with Kim. In the evening, Kim was arrested at a hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

At the time of the arrest, a simple reagent test tested positive for narcotics, and the police collected a sample from Kim and asked the National Forensic Service to conduct a detailed analysis.

30g of methamphetamine that Kim had at the time was also confiscated.

Normally, one dose of methamphetamine is about 0.03g, which is the amount that can be administered 1,000 times.

The police are expanding the investigation to determine whether Kim tried to use this methamphetamine alone or with other people.

It is known that Kim obtained methamphetamine from an acquaintance and a sales book through Telegram during a police investigation, and stated that he started out of curiosity because of stress.

The court issued an arrest warrant for Kim, stating that there is a risk of escape.

(Video coverage: Kim Tae-hoon, Video editing: Kim Jun-hee)