A new malware targets gamers and it goes by the name of Erbium.

It was detected by teams from Cluster 25, a company specializing in computer security, Phonandroid reported on Tuesday.

It is distributed either as fake cracks, or installed in cheat software.

Gamers looking for the tools to win by all means are the targets of hackers, recalls the specialized site.

Erbium belongs to the Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) family, i.e. programs installed on remote servers rather than on the victim's machine.

Its services can be used by anyone, as long as they subscribe for 100 euros per month.

But the price can always fluctuate according to demand, points out the specialized site.

Erbium appeared this summer and its popularity is growing, whether in France or around the world.

Personal data at risk

Like many malware, Erbium is characterized by an ability to siphon personal data.

Once downloaded, the program can recover identifiers, passwords, form auto-completion data, cookies or bank data.

It can also exfiltrate data from cryptocurrency wallets installed on web browsers as extensions.

The malicious software can also take screenshots, allowing the hacker to increase his hold on his victim.

The best way to protect yourself against Erbium is not to download cracked software, not to try to obtain cheat code software, and to update your antivirus properly.

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